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About KDG

We use technology to grow amazing businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions into lean, durable, and scalable revenue magnets.

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Our Company

We believe in a world where technology enables diverse organizations of all sizes and budgets to fulfill their mission.

As passionate technologists, developers and software engineers, we seek to use our skills and talents to do more than just improve our bottom line. We want to make a difference too. We love working with nonprofits, educational institutions, and small/medium businesses because they offer a unique opportunity to support mission-driven organizations that love making a difference as well.

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Our Values

Our Goals? To Help You Accomplish Yours

Behind every project is a strong set of values pushing us forward. Working with nonprofits, businesses, and institutions of education gives us the opportunity to help these organizations make a difference in the world. Our goal is to do everything we can to help clients of all sizes and all budgets accomplish theirs.

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Our Process

A Process That’s Uniquely Our Own

We strive to be more than just a tech company. Of course we develop software, design websites, and secure networks, but we also dedicate just as much time to listening as we do to coding, and commit just as much work to learning about your goals as we do to building your site. No matter our project, our process is the same: taking every step needed to help your organization thrive.

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Fuel Your passion at KDG

Great careers start and flourish at KDG because we give our team the chance to work on projects that fuel their passion and sharpen their professional skills. We’re always looking for new team members who love what they do and embody our values. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

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