engage alumni on their turf and their terms.

ReachBright™ IA provides an invaluable way to engage with alumni through contextual social media, email, and mobile without resorting to blast emails and nonstop asks.

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Smart Communication

The dream of reaching out to alumni based on their historical interests is a reality with ReachBright™ IA. Using our intelligent email technology, ReachBright™ will help to make sure that your alumni never receive a mistargeted communication again.

Powerful Engagement Scoring

Identify who is engaging with you online. From email opens, to social media interactions, and website activity, ReachBright™ can empower you to know more about your alumni than you have ever been able to in the past.

Keep track of giving activity

Graduate from donor tracking systems that are simply glorified CRMs to a system that pairs giving activity, with communications engagement and interest areas.

Powerful interconnectivity

Longitudinal data is the most powerful. ReachBright™ allows you to track data not only over time, but also through the full lifecycle of a student. From prospective student, to current student, and then alumni, ReachBright™ keeps all of the data in the same place.

Built By the Higher Ed Experts At KDG

ReachBright™ (originally Intelligent Email) is built and supported by KDG. For over 15 years we have supported some of the largest and oldest private schools, colleges, and universities with enrollment management, alumni relations and giving, website design, and mobile applications. Here are a few organizations that trust KDG to get the job done:

Mt. Aloysius College
MUhlenberg College
Desales College
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Gettysburg Seminary
Drexel University
University of Pittsburgh
Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Stevens Institute of Technology
Temple University

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