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Take a tour of ReachBright University and experience how ReachBright’s innovative features can help your institution boost enrollment and increase engagement.

Intelligent and Targeted Follow Ups

ReachBright™ helps to foster engagement through the power of big data. Are your prospective students showing interest in campus life? Like magic, ReachBright™ uses browsing data to help construct and deliver relevant emails that always seem to come at the right time. Want to keep interested students engaged? ReachBright™ keeps the communication flowing for you.

Understand Your Prospective Students Needs

ReachBright™ is always interpreting the web history, email, and social media behavior of your prospective students in order to help you understand their top concerns and priorities when selecting a college. Learn about a student’s level of engagement, interest areas, and interaction history.

No More Interpreting Analytics

ReachBright™ goes beyond web analytics to help you visually see prospective student engagement on your website, even identifying which areas students are most interested in seeing. Powered by the Google Cloud, ReachBright™ has the power of big data, without the need for big data analysis to get results.

No Need To Drag Down I.T. or Communications Staff

ReachBright™ is FERPA compliant, cloud-based, software. That means no servers and no maintenance for IT. We won’t burden your communications staff either. We can help craft, design, and deploy your automated communication strategy.

Built By the Higher Ed Experts At KDG

ReachBright™ (originally Intelligent Email) is built and supported by KDG. For over 15 years we have supported some of the largest and oldest private schools, colleges, and universities with enrollment management, alumni relations and giving, website design, and mobile applications. Here are a few organizations that trust KDG to get the job done:

Mt. Aloysius College
MUhlenberg College
Desales College
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Gettysburg Seminary
Drexel University
University of Pittsburgh
Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Stevens Institute of Technology
Temple University

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