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ReachBright™ pricing was designed to deliver a maximum return on investment while avoiding the inevitable pitfalls that come with any new campus initiative.

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Take a tour of ReachBright University and experience how ReachBright’s innovative features can help your institution boost enrollment and increase engagement.

The Features

Feature Description

Unlimited Email Campaigns

Since ReachBright™ is built with scalable Google technologies, it can support any number of email campaigns you choose to create.

Unlimited Users

Collaboration just got easier! Keep everyone in your department in the loop by granting the entire department access to ReachBright™.

Multi-Department Support

Whether its Admissions or the Development team, ReachBright™ can support multiple departments and give read access to make inter-office communications a breeze.

URL Tracking

Not only can you track email engagement with ReachBright™, you can also track website engagement. All the data you need is at your fingertips!

Customizable Reports

Once your system is up and running, you can export reports specially tailored to your needs. Select date ranges and different types of data to gain valuable insights on your marketing strategies.

Cross-Platform Support

Worried about migrating your prospects from one system to another? ReachBright™ is built to play nice with other platforms and offers support to help you get set up.

Simple Contact Management

Organize and send relevant emails to your prospects by creating tags. Tags allow you to manage which groups are assigned to your email campaigns, always ensuring prospects get emails relevant to their interests.

Automatic Campaigns

Have emails that need to be sent out around the same time every year? Use auto-campaigns to set them up to send automatically so you don't have to remember!

Enjoy all the base features and:

Feature Description


Unlock ReachBright™'s powerful retargeting tools and you can take your pay-per-click campaigns to a whole new level with deep insight into your ad campaigns' return on investment by seeing who is responding to your retargeting campaigns and how they are responding.

Fire Your Enrollment Management "Consultants"

Never put your recruiting efforts in the blackbox of an enrollment management consulting firm. ReachBright™ works with prospective student lists from CollegeBoard, to CBSS, and plenty of others. Within 24 hours, you can be the FIRST campus to contact prospective students and keep them engaged.

Engagement Scoring

Never be in the dark about your prospective student's interest. Using ReachBright™'s proprietary engagement score, you will never be in the dark about prospective student enthusiasm.

Enjoy all the base features and:

Feature Description

Alumni Messaging Consistency

Staying in front of your alumni is not just about fundraising, it is about increasing the profile and reach of your campus through words and actions of the students you graduated. ReachBright™'s powerful targeting methodology allows campuses to always stay in front of alumni in a non-intrusive way without always asking for money.

Track Donor History

Not only are you able to track online giving, but also offline activity. ReachBright™ has the capabilities of a full donor management system, with the ease of a CRM.

Always Have a Talking Point

ReachBright™ makes it easy to know what to talk about. With realtime tagging based on web activity and life events, you will always know where to pick up the conversation.

Never Let an Opportunity Pass

Incredible reports allow you to spot under-engaged alumni so that you can keep them connected.

Enjoy all the base features and:

Feature Description

Real Time Student Sentiment Tracking

Understand your campus climate in real time with surveys, 5 second response emails, and online feedback.

Current Student Social Support

Let's face it, current students can be your best source of campus advertising for prospective students. Not only are they close close in age, but they are both social media active. ReachBright™ CS will always make sure that your current students share the big news for all of their friends to see.

Student Engagement

From daily campus happenings to school closings for inclement weather, ReachBright™ helps to engage current students in the activities of campus with just a few clicks.

Real Relationships

Keep track of current student relationships with other current students, prospective students, and alumni-- all through one easy to use interface.

So how much does it cost?

Plans Starting At


per month

All Plans Include:

  • Unlimited Contacts: You shouldn't get charged for using the platform to the fullest. In fact, the more you use ReachBright™, the more insightful it will be for your organization.
  • Unlimited Users: Allowing your entire department access to ReachBright™'s data only makes it easier to collaborate and run a more efficient workflow.

ReachBright™ is committed to delivering a quality product, tailored to your needs. That means you never have to pay for a component that you don't use or face extra payments when you do use the platform often. To learn more about how ReachBright™ can work for your organization, get in touch with us and we'll give you a quote!

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Built By the Higher Ed Experts At KDG

ReachBright™ (originally Intelligent Email) is built and supported by KDG. For over 15 years we have supported some of the largest and oldest private schools, colleges, and universities with enrollment management, alumni relations and giving, website design, and mobile applications. Here are a few organizations that trust KDG to get the job done:

Mt. Aloysius College
MUhlenberg College
Desales College
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
Gettysburg Seminary
Drexel University
University of Pittsburgh
Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Stevens Institute of Technology
Temple University

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