Financial Process Optimization

Let KDG help you turn your financial data into actionable insights. Through seamless migration, careful bookkeeping, and detailed reporting, our team of developers, accountants, and business consultants can help your business balance its books and leverage its financial future.

Financial Process Optimization

Moving Your Finances Forward

As technology becomes ingrained in an organization, financials can either become a necessary evil or an actionable asset. Our financial operations practice has one goal: take your organization’s financials from an afterthought to a core business driver. We do this through real-time P&L dashboards, revenue recognition optics, job costing, and tight expense management. Made up of accountants, software developers, business analysts, and IT professionals, we can do all the things that your accounting firm does not have the technology or the time to execute in order to optimize your organization and streamline your operations.

Administration, Analytics, and Advisement

Need someone to police expense reports? How about performing bookkeeping and month-end close activity? Sales tax returns or report generation on the fly? With considerable accounting resources, KDG can provide the end-to-end service that keeps your books in balance and your reports actionable. Meanwhile, you’ll receive expert-level advisement on topics like inventory, revenue recognition, depreciation, restricted revenue, and a multitude of other areas that can make or break your organization.

If you are seeking support for your business’s data entry, monthly invoicing, sales tax filing, or bank reconciliation, reach out to our financial experts. With backgrounds in business and accounting, they’ll help you leverage your financials to the fullest.

What We Have To Offer

Thinking of switching accounting platforms? KDG can provide guidance on the correct software to use for your business

KDG can perform the necessary preparation and migration work to and from Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage, Xero, and more.

Our team leverages BI tools like Zoho Analytics for maximum visibility into your business.

Our administration and bookkeeping services include (but aren’t limited to) data entry, monthly reporting, bank reconciliations, expense management, monthly invoicing, bill pay, payroll automation, and sales tax filing.

“The team [KDG] took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user friendly system for our staff and clients to use.”
Dwight P. Ryan
President & CEO, MedTeh for Solutions
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