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We know both business and technology and we work to help businesses discover the best ways technology can help them manage their clients, build their brand, and improve their bottom line.

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Building custom software is a lot like building a custom home. You need the right contractor who understands your master plan and can turn your dream into a reality. At KDG, we accomplish exactly that because we know the 4 keys to custom software success:

Plan Twice, Code Once Icon

Plan Twice, Code Once

We apply meticulous planning before a single line of code is written to ensure we get it right the first time.

User Experience Is A Must Icon

User Experience is a Must

We focus on delivering great user experiences so you spend less time training and troubleshooting.

Bird's Eye View Icon

Bird's Eye View

We don’t build things just to tear them apart. We look at the whole picture so we don’t work ourselves into a corner.

Persuasive Technology Icon

Persuasive Technology

We build software that supports employee accountability, consistency, quality, and even forecasting.


Few small and medium-sized businesses realize how affordable IT support and network administration can be thanks to the advent of cloud computing. We can help you explore your options.

System Security Icon

System Security

No matter your size, you face the risk of data theft, cyber attacks, and security breaches. We help minimize your risk.

Network & System Maintenance Icon

Network & System Maintenance

From stationary servers to cloud configurations, we can help your organization perform at its very best.

Help Desk Support Icon

Help Desk Support

With support that sees a problem through to its resolution, there is no need to worry about employee downtime.

No Finger Pointing Icon

No Finger Pointing

We handle technology solutions all the way down to configuring your router, so there is no finger pointing here.


We can turn your website into a full-time salesperson for your organization by capturing leads, driving qualified traffic, and delivering a truly first-class experience.

User Testing Icon

User Testing

We use the scientific method to prove our design hypotheses with the people who matter most: users.

Responsive Design Icon

Responsive Design

Websites must perform well on all devices just like mobile apps need a URL home. We always design with the right context in mind for small & medium businesses.

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Easy Content Management

We make managing all your content easy from photos, video, and text to content management systems, SEO, servers, and more.

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Search Engines

From analytics to PPC and organic rankings, we know all the ways to ensure search engine success for a new or existing site.


Entrepreneurship isn’t about generating new or better results; it’s about creating a new and better machine to produce them. At KDG, that’s our sweet spot. Let’s see what we can create together.

A Fresh Perspective Icon

A Fresh Perspective

Our skill in developing solutions to “build a better mousetrap” comes from the fact that we are not in your business and have never been.

Expert Risk Assessment Icon

Expert Risk Assessment

Entrepreneurship is all about risk, and we have the business and technology experience to know when to take it and when to hedge it.

Total Business Evaluation Icon

Total Business Evaluation

We look at your business as if we were going to acquire it tomorrow with a complete valuation and assessment of what’s working and what’s not.

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Putting our money where our mouth is is one of our values. If we believe in the project, we’ll invest in it and help make it a successful venture.

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