Why did the technology company write a children’s book?

To show that we can help anyone understand how to master business technology.

It has been said that the only difference between a trial lawyer and a kindergarten teacher is the age of their audience. It’s absolutely true when you think about it. Both of their jobs boil down to one critical function: explaining difficult and often intimidating concepts in a way their audience will understand and remember. Whether that audience is a group of five-year-olds tackling math for the first time or a 12-person jury learning the science behind DNA, both the lawyer and the teacher’s goal is to make the complicated simple. When they do their job right, the message sticks for a lifetime. Take the following two sentences for instance. I bet you can easily finish them:

One fish, two fish.
If the glove don’t fit,

Snozzle's Nozzles—A Fictional Story That Happens Every Day

Like learning about DNA and math, understanding technology and the role it plays in operating a successful and durable business can be a daunting undertaking. At KDG, we find this to be particularly true for multigenerational family-owned or closely-held private enterprises. Large technology firms typically pass on the opportunity to work with this more complicated client type, leaving them to rely on piecemeal tech solutions. All too frequently, these businesses consult with no one at all until the situation is so dire they must seek outside help.

KDG’s passion for working with this wonderfully complicated client group has prompted us to take a page from Dr. Seuss and Johnny Cochran. Snozzle’s Nozzles is a fictitious story that is representative of so many stories we’ve seen and heard over the years. It has taken us more than a year to create and perfect this story. In it we make the case for why technology should play a leading role in your organization as well as our methodology for helping to support your growth without sacrificing what has made you successful. So break out the milk and cookies, and be a kid again for a moment. We hope you enjoy the story.

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