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Founded in 1891, Drexel has been ranked among the nation’s top 100 universities. More than 25,000 students are enrolled in the school’s 80+ undergraduate programs and 120 master's, doctoral, and professional programs.

At a Glance

In the leadup to the 125th year since its founding, Drexel University turned to crowdfunding as a way to re-engage and energize students, parents, friends, faculty, staff—and especially alumni. For a custom crowdfunding platform that would get the job done, it turned to KDG.

Went Viral Icon

Went Viral

The #Drexel24 Day of Giving campaign attracted so much attention that it briefly trended on Twitter during the day of the campaign.

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Exceeding Expectations

Participation from alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends exceeded the original goal for number of donors by nearly 5 to 1.

Designed with Mobile in Mind

Designed with Mobile in Mind

The mobile-optimized platform allowed mobile users to give in under 60 seconds.

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Kept Visitors Engaged

KDG and Drexel developed a custom spy-themed campaign that kept onlookers refreshing the site all day long.

Kept it Social Icon

Kept it Social

Custom generated spy badges and referral links kept participants tweeting, liking, and sharing all day.

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Major Bandwidth

Supported by the Google Cloud, #Drexel24 handled ultra-high server demand with ease.

Project Showcase

The campaign theme focused on finding the beloved school mascot, Mario the Dragon, who was missing and needed the support of special agents (donors) to help find him. As gifts were made, the site revealed clues about Mario’s disappearance. Fortunately for Mario, donor generosity exceeded expectations and he was found early in the day. Check out the key features that made the campaign a huge success.

Getting Social

There is nothing better than a little friendly peer pressure to participate. By using custom referral links, donors could share the giving page and receive recognition and credit for each donor that they referred. Social giving spread through the University’s different colleges, clubs, athletic, and Greek organizations like wildfire.
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Mobile Friendly UI

KDG worked with Drexel to create a donor form that took less than 60 seconds to fill out on a mobile device and tested it with live users to ensure that the experience was going to be perfect every time on a mobile device. Campaign donations from mobile devices often exceed 30%.
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Custom ID badges were created on the fly for each special agent (donor) and became instantly shareable on social media after the gift was made. Other real time features included a map of all agents, breakdown of donors, and of course a progress bar to mark each moment the campaign lapped its goal.
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Drexel schools, colleges and units competed in mini competitions and challenges to attract the most donors. From sports teams to clubs and dormitories, friendly competition kept everyone engaged throughout the day.
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One of the most powerful attributes of any day of giving is the recognition that small donations make a big difference. #Drexel24 made sure each donor received the follow-up emails and site recognition to fulfill that message.
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International Reach

Since Drexel has an alumni base that spans the globe they wanted an interactive map that didn't just show the United States, but the entire world.
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Our Solution

Drexel University’s #Drexel24 Day of Giving campaign launched on May 10, 2016, breaking the record for most gifts given to Drexel in 24 hours with 2,887 gifts totaling $713,000. The gamified campaign platform featured a spy-themed skin and real-time Google API widgets to display donor statistics.

What Drexel University Said

“The Kyle David Group was able to develop a user-friendly website that was so much more than we had envisioned- we talked about our theme, and the team really ran with it and built a site that was creative, cool, and highly functional.”
Ivy Lane
Director, Strategy and Analytics

Around-the-clock technical support

“They were highly collaborative and responsive, becoming true partners as the creative vision evolved. ”
Christine McAuliffe
Director, Marketing Technology and Innovation

KDG was on call 24/7 during the campaign, monitoring site performance and ensuring that the campaign platform ran smoothly throughout the day. KDG’s powerful remote capabilities permitted them to build and support the campaign without setting foot on campus.

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