Fenwick High School

Fenwick High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school right outside of Chicago. Founded in 1929, the school teaches hundreds of students every year in the spirit of the Dominican pillars of “prayer, study, community, and preaching.”

At a Glance

Fenwick needed a partner that could help it launch its very first day of giving and also give the school the platform it needed to hold more successful giving campaigns in the years to come. With more than 16 years of experience helping schools launch record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns, KDG was excited to lend a hand.

Fresh Video Content Icon

Fresh Video Content

Whenever donors met a goal, never-before-seen school videos were unlocked, and a livestream of Fenwick’s Senior Night basketball game was the perfect conclusion to the successful campaign.

Looking Ahead Icon

Looking Ahead

A simple template that can be easily customized was created specifically for Fenwick’s payment portal so that the school could reuse it for the many future campaigns that are sure to come.

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Friendly Competition

A “Battle of the Alumni” created a bout of friendly competition between Friars of every generation and inspired them to donate. It was something donors said was their favorite feature of the campaign.

Exceeding Expectations Icon

Exceeding Expectations

During its first campaign, Fenwick more than tripled its initial donor goal, surpassing even some universities that have been launching crowdfunding and day of giving campaigns for much longer.

Real-Time Stats Icon

Real-Time Stats

Real-time stats showed administrators and donors how close they were to meeting their goal, in addition to keeping a running tally of which groups—students, alumni, parents, etc.—were most active.

Around-the-Clock Support Icon

Around-the-Clock Support

Help was always on hand thanks to 24 hour support from KDG. The team made sure donations went through smoothly, in addition to monitoring videos to ensure that they were unlocked whenever a goal was met.

What Fenwick High School Said

“The goodwill and energy that the campaign created throughout our community was a huge surprise to us—it truly was the talk of the town!”
Cindy Erwin
Director of Annual Giving Programs

Our Solution

Fenwick needed a crowdfunding portal that could be used over and over again for years to come, yet still remain fresh, exciting, and engaging. KDG focused on a simple design, fit for both desktop and mobile, that would give Fenwick the ability to easily interchange content, like videos and images.

Only the First of Many

“As this was our first foray into a 24 hour online campaign, we needed a company that would be willing to hold our hands through the process and they [KDG] did that very well, to the point that we really felt like this was a partnership.”
Cindy Erwin
Director of Annual Giving Programs

Although this was Fenwick High School’s first giving campaign ever, you would have never been able to tell. The school exceeded all of its expectations and shattered all of its initial goals. In only 24 hours, the high school’s “Raise the Shield” campaign even surpassed the campaigns of larger colleges and universities that have had years of crowdfunding experience.

“Admittedly, we were surprised and overwhelmed by the success of the campaign,” says Cindy Erwin, Fenwick’s Director of Annual Giving Programs. “We set our donor goal at 3% of emails and we received almost 8%, which doesn’t include the nearly 1,000 students who gave during the school day.”

Fenwick went into the campaign hoping to boost school spirit, and it did just that! Nearly 100 percent of the school’s student body donated to the effort and parents, alumni, friends, and others in the community were introduced to the school’s mascot in a series of new and fun videos.

This may have been Fenwick’s first campaign, but it surely won’t be the school’s last. Thanks to the flexible and customizable design from the higher ed web design team at KDG, Fenwick now has the ability to recreate this campaign’s success for years to come. Content will be easily interchangeable, ensuring that the school can continue to engage its very large and active community.

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