Florida Institute of Technology

Originally founded in 1958 to support space exploration missions for NASA, Florida Tech continues to be a global leader in preparing men and women to work in the space industry.

At a Glance

Florida Tech engaged KDG to build a custom crowdfunding site that would engage as many donors as possible throughout the entire 24-hour giving period.

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Triple Threat

Campaign nearly tripled Florida Tech’s fundraising goal

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Global Reach

Campaign attracted worldwide donations from 63 different countries

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On the Go

More than 25 percent of donations were made from mobile phones

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Keeping it Real

Interactive donor portal with widgets updated in real time to track goal

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Getting Social

More than 12 percent of donations came as a result of social media referrals.

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Around the Clock

On-call support for the entire 24-hour campaign

Project Showcase

Florida Tech's campaign was unique thanks to it's out-of-this-world concept and engaging theme. Check out the key features that made this giving campaign a success.

Getting Social

Each time a user donated, they created a shareable astronaut to launch into the social media stratosphere.
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Mobile Friendly UI

Since more and more donors came to this campaign from their phones, the giving page and thank you page were designed to function seamlessly on mobile devices.
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Email Stories

As the giving day progressed, donors were notified of the campaign's progress and many came back throughout the day to support the mission.
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Live Stats

A mission control panel was installed on the giving page to show real-time statistics.
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Donor Recognition

Each donor got their place in the 'Houston We Have Donors' section. Users could sort through to find the unique astronauts and their shoutouts.
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International Reach

Since FIT has an alumni base that spans the globe, they wanted a special section to pay tribute to their international donors.
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Our Solution

Florida Tech’s crowdfunding site went live as expected on December 1, 2015. The 24-hour campaign not only hit the target of attracting 500 donors, it nearly tripled those expectations bringing in donations from 1,499 donors from 63 different countries.


In honor of Florida Tech’s rich heritage with NASA and space exploration, KDG designed the crowdfunding site with vivid space-themed graphics and features like Mission Control-a real-time infographic display of donation stats designed to look like the control panel in a spacecraft.

Thanks to a “gameified” approach that allowed donors to search the galaxy and work collectively to rescue the Deans at each of Florida Tech’s colleges, the crowdfunding site captured more than 100,000 page views. An interactive donor portal with widgets that updated in real time allowed the University's Colleges to "compete" against each other.

What Florida Institute of Technology Said

“Our partnership with KDG allowed us to focus on pre-marketing and alumni engagement leading up to our Day of Giving because we were able to trust KDG’s expertise in developing the website.”
Kim Amidon
Assistant Director, Annual Giving & Donor Relations

Around-the-clock technical support

“We’ve received feedback from our alumni – as well as national recognition – for the unique donor experience we created with KDG. ”
Michael Seeley
Vice President of Development, Florida Institute of Technology

KDG was on-call the entire day to make site changes, updates, and mitigate donor technology issues throughout the 24-hour campaign.

Real-time emails kept people playing the interactive game even after they had donated. Knowing that participants had just 24 hours to donate, KDG created a mobile-friendly design that made it easy for on-the-go donors to give. In fact, more than 25 percent of donations were made from mobile phones.

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