Oaktree Advisors

Oaktree Advisors is a Lehigh Valley-based family-owned investment firm. From offering wealth management plans and flexible trust solutions for individuals to performing advisory services for area businesses, the company has the ability to address any financial need a client may have.

At a Glance

As advisors handling clients’ financial futures, transparency and accountability are important to the men and women at Oaktree. However, the company’s old website made transparency difficult. The firm needed a new website that could make communication easier and information more accessible. Oaktree turned to the web design experts at KDG for help.

Getting Connected Icon

Getting Connected

A simple form on the homepage gives visitors an easier way of connecting with an advisor. No addresses or financial questions needed, just a name, email, and phone number.

Insights & Stats Icon

Insights & Stats

Blog posts and white papers aren’t only more accessible on the site, but a new plugin tracks their stats so that the company can see which content is driving the most online traffic.

A Cost-Centered Approach Icon

A Cost-Centered Approach

Oaktree took advantage of KDG’s new standard package that kept the project speedy, but costs low with a semi-custom Wordpress template and a development time of less than 60 hours.

Updates with MailChimp Icon

Updates with MailChimp

Company newsletters can now reach more subscribers thanks to a MailChimp integration that gives visitors the ability to easily subscribe to updates from a form in the site’s footer.

Being Upfront Icon

Being Upfront

Visitors know exactly what to expect from Oaktree thanks to a homepage design that puts the three major services the company offers front and center.

Looking Back Icon

Looking Back

Highlighting online case studies showcases the long history Oaktree has of helping individuals, families, and businesses meet their financial goals and plan for their futures.

What Oaktree Advisors Said

“We are most pleased with the overall look and feel of the site. It is very professional and polished and it appeals to our intended audience...Our communication with KDG was very convenient and organized. Calls were scheduled each week and the meetings were efficient and productive.”
Paul Eichman
Principal, Financial Advisor

Our Solution

KDG designed and developed a website that put accessibility at the forefront. Whether visitors were interested in case studies, wanted to read blog posts, or simply needed to get in touch with an advisor, they could do so directly on the homepage. In addition, KDG’s cost-effective approach kept both the price and hours spent on the project low, so Oaktree could manage its own financial resources without breaking the bank.

Keeping Trust High, But Costs Low

“The site speaks to our commitment to trust and transparency in that it allows us to use the site as a way to share information and educational resources with the public, our clients, and other professionals...If someone is looking for investment advice, our site spells out who we are, what we do, and how we can help.”
Paul Eichman
Principal, Financial Advisor

Since it was founded, Oaktree Advisors has been a firm dedicated to “trust, transparency, and accountability.” The company needed a new website that would highlight these values for both new and old clients alike. When KDG took on the project, designers approached this mission in several ways.

First, they made sure that Oaktree’s services were listed clearly on the website’s home page. While before they were buried within web pages, in the new design they’re clearly outlined and briefly described. By doing so, visitors to the site know, before ever seeing an advisor, the ways in which Oaktree can help them meet their financial needs.

In addition, designers implemented a form on the homepage that makes it easier for visitors to get in touch with an advisor. The form is simple. No overtly personal information is needed and visitors aren’t forced to give away any financial details. Instead, they’re asked only for their name, email, and phone number, which can be filled in and submitted within seconds.

Finally, content that shows expertise is also very important to transparency. Blogs, newsletters, case studies, and white papers are all readily available on Oaktree’s website for users to read, download, and subscribe to. With such a plethora of information, Oaktree expands its credibility as financial experts, with plenty of client feedback to support it.

KDG was able to help Oaktree accomplish all of this without making the financial advisors take a step back and analyze their own spending habits. With KDG’s new cost-centered project package, Oaktree was able to have an entirely new website in less than 60 hours. A customized Wordpress template was used to keep designers within their time constraints and well below budget.

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